• RE: There was no Automate Task Service responding at 'localhost'

    Hello John,

    Just to double check - is the AutoMate service running?

    If not, please restart the AutoMate service, and try starting the software again. If it gives you the same error, please review your windows event log and open a support ticket so we may begin the troubleshooting process.

  • RE: Automate on Multiple Devices on Subscription

    duplicate of thread<br> <br> <a href="https://community.helpsystems.com/forums/automate/general/c836a94d-3b04-ed11-b5cf-00155de7439a">Multiple Tasks at the same time&nbsp;· Customer Portal (helpsystems.com)</a>
  • RE: Multiple Tasks at the same time

    Hello John,

    Regarding your first question, yes you can download multiple versions of AutoMate to different machines. However, each installation would require a separate license.

    If you are running the Desktop version of AutoMate, you can either install full versions of AutoMate on the additional machines or you can install "runtimes" which are versions of Desktop without a GUI. You can find more information on Runtimes here:



    If you have Enterprise, you can install additional agents to run jobs, however again, this would require additional licenses.

    Regarding your overall issue, your jobs are interactive in nature, and thus unfortunately cannot be ran at the same time with other interactive jobs. We recommend spacing out the jobs, so that they don't "run on top of each other". This would eliminate the need for additional licenses, but obviously, they wouldn't be running at the same time.

  • RE: How do I parse out multiple values from a single database item?

    Sample task&nbsp;
  • RE: How do I parse out multiple values from a single database item?

    Hello David,

     If you have your list in a variable, you can use our "loop list" action to process one item at a time.

    Attached is a small sample code that shows how this would work. Make sure to change the delimiter to "new line":

    If you have your list in a dataset, you would use the "loop dataset" action. The concept would remain the same.

    Please let us know if this works for you.
  • RE: Going back to get files if job fails

    Hello Kevin,<br> <br> Since the 24 hour filter is there, it will be a bit tricky to go back further than that. You can grab a list of items currently present in the sharepoint site, and loop it against a list of files present locally, to see if they are all accounted for. If one is not, then download it. This will require you to loop through every file one by one which can be a bit time consuming, but it should ensure that you dont miss any files.&nbsp;
  • RE: CStr(Now()

    Hello Dan,<br> <br> If you are running Enterprise, you can query the execution events table for the information.&nbsp;<br> <br> However, there is no function currently to accomplish this goal. We can certainly create a feature request. Please send us an email with your request to [email protected] so we may create a case and submit the request.&nbsp;<br> <br> &nbsp;
  • RE: Delay in triggering

    Hello Michael,<br> <br> If you restart your services, do the schedules go back to normal? How often does this occur? Does the issue occur slowly over time?<br> &nbsp;
  • RE: Trigering automate : Version difference

    Hello Nicolas,<br> <br> Yes, any version of AutoMate has the ability to check a folder for a file. You would use a "schedule" trigger to check for the file, and use the "if file exists" action to run the rest of the steps if it is found.&nbsp;
  • RE: Trigger/Condition Not Met by a Certain Time Notification

    Hello Greg,<br> <br> You can use the format date/time action to grab the time when the workflow completes. This will tell you the exact time of completion.&nbsp;<br> <br> If the workflow produces a file, you can have a second workflow check for that file to be created by a certain time. If it doesnt produce a file, you can have the first workflow create a temp file.