• DateAdd("ww", -3, CStr(Date() ) returns 53 instead of 01

    I hope someone can help me explain what I'm doing wrong or if I use the wrong function or logic.
    This Monday I run a DateAdd function to get back the week number from 3 weeks ago. Instead of the expected week 01, I receive week 53 (see attached screenshot). If I use the function to get the week number 2 weeks ago I receive week 02. Does the system not know the week 01?
    We currently use Automate Enterprise vs
    Thanks for every hint.

    <AMVARIABLE NAME="next_rev_week">%Format(DatePart("ww", DateAdd( "ww", +0, CStr( Date() ))),"00")%</AMVARIABLE>
    <AMVARIABLE NAME="rev_week" TYPE="text">%Format(DatePart("ww", DateAdd( "ww", -3, CStr( Date() ))),"00")%</AMVARIABLE>