• scoped.dir folders

    Ever since moving to Edge for browser steps, these scoped.dir folders are being created every time the task runs.  They are HUGE and I have to go onto the server every 2-3 days to delete.  Anyone else seen this or know what the cause is?
  • Microsoft Edge Driver errors

    I recently changed my browser scripts to use Edge.  Ever since I am getting regular errors stating "Microsoft Edge Webdriver has stopped working".  I see the application error in the event log; the driver is in the automate folder so part of the install I assume.  I just updated to prior to making the browser change. Has anyone else seen this or know how to correct?  Thank you.

  • RE: Office 365 connecting with EWS

    My mail tasks stopped working yesterday due to the Microsoft change.  We need Help Systems assistance.  I opened a ticket today but was wondering if someone out here has figured this out?

    1021:  We are all set; thank you

  • RE: Office365 email stopped working

    Hi Gary.  I have several scripts that login to my 365 email and search for specific messages to trigger events.  Mine stopped working yesterday.  I was told it was a MS change that caused the failure.  I am working with our email admin but not making much progress.  Was your issue the same and if so, what was the fix?