• SFTP Component Not Connected

    Automate 10

    We use SFTP upload actions to upload a file to a SFTP server and it seems that whenever we upload to this specific site, during the file upload the connection will disconnect with the below error in the SFTP log and leave a partially uploaded file.

    01/04/2022 8:59:58 AM : Upload file \\Temp\filename.gz to /filename.gz.
    01/04/2022 9:00:06 AM : Error 102
    01/04/2022 9:00:06 AM : SFTP connection closed

    Debugging and running the workflow in the task builder the upload will also disconnect and error out with 
    FTP failed (Error: SFTP component not connected)

    Funnily enough, if we keep retrying, it will eventually fully upload the file and complete.

    Running the file transfer through a SFTP client like FileZilla/WinSCP has no issues at all uploading to this SFTP server.