• Azure connection and structure listing

    Has anyone used the Automate functionality / task actions and successfully built Azure connection and structure listing? 
    Meaning to connection to Azure, list and then transfer a file from or to Azure.

    Looking for examples that working.

    Fred Shindle
  • RE: SFTP connection Errors 105 and 96258

    Daniel or Jennifer,
    I would also be interested in what combination either of you found to work.
    I have also run into the same issue and I am trouble shooting.  I have came across other SFTP issue doing the same as you have, trying each and every combination in HOPES one works.  
    I can say the SFTP or FTPS 'functionality' (and error logging) of Automate is extremely frustrating, I have expressed that to support.

    I also find multiple post with folks having issues and rarely see a resolution.

  • RE: Poor logging related to SFTP connection failures

    I would like to second the comment expressed by customer.  I have also brought this up before as trouble shooting any FTP / SFTP / FTPS is impossible with the error logging.
    Today is perfect example, I am trying to change and existing SFTP/SSH connect per customer changes for cipher.  The connection is failing and I have 'error 7' to work with.  Really?  I have never understood how any of these FTP function make it through testing.

    Fred Shindle