• keep getting error on interactivity

    I have a script that would move mouse to object and set text, but recently I have been getting an error when trying to reconnect it when it failed and now its giving me a pop up saying 

    "The automation engine is unable to resolve the selected control. please establish a relationship with a control to continue"

    any way around this error ?

    edit:  Currently running auto 11.6

  • Split text in variables to other variables?

    i have a script that pulls names and stores them in a variable which i need to then split based on a character. Is there a way to split the text of a variable into other variables based on a certain character? for example:

    Ex 1:
    variable 1 = John Doe
    Need to split to based on space 
    Variable 2 = John
    Variable 3 = Doe

    variable 1 = John|Doe
    need to split based on |
    Variable 2 = John
    Variable 3 = Doe
  • is there a way around Edge browser pop ups

    I attached an image for my question, I am curious if there is a way to interact with browser pop ups, as of now it seems that the web browsers steps have nothing to be able to interact with these in Edge or Chrome
  • Can web browser Edge open session with IE compatibility mode sites

    I've got intranet sites that we use that need to run in edge with the IE compatibility mode settings that way they can run as they have not been upgraded to the newer browsers. Is it possible to open webpages using the web browers steps in a normal instance of Edge that isnt forced into a separate instance web browsers with no settings saved? or is there a way to edit the settings of the web browsers so the sites can be opened
  • RE: OnStepError variable not correct

    Would there be a way to split the variable tv_taskError to separate variables for each one between |
  • OnStepError variable not correct

    I have a script I am trying to utilize the OnStepError and OnTaskFail events as I do not use them often so I'm not fully familiar, current when I set the variables based on the error it handled its not giving both its either one or the other. I have attached the script, I force it to fail on step 8 and this is the outcomes:

    If I have the the steps set as below it gives me the correct error description but the wrong step number:


    it will give me the correct description of "No windows matched the requested set of criteria" but has a step number of 1

    as if I switch them around and has the set variable stepNum before description:


    This will give the correct step number of 8 but the error description will say "The step was okay."

    I have attached a simple script to show what is happening if maybe I am missing something within the script as to why its one or the other and not both

  • Word Doc Support?

    Does automate 11 ( support filling out word doc forms in docx format? i know it has pdf support but was wondering if docx or if there is known ways to fill out forms in that way?

  • Will we get a dark mode theme for automate and other programs?

    Just curious if there is ever a chance we may get a dark theme in a grey or blue tone that makes it easier for the users with impaired vision.