• SharePoint Online

    Good afternoon,

    I have an Automate task that uploads files to SharePoint Online (O365).  This job has successfully ran hourly for the last 2 years.  Sometime after Friday night, it stopped working.  The Automate task now gives an error:  The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.  I cannot upload, download, single files, multiple files, or use the folder icon to connect.  I have tried different users and different SharePoint Online sites.  Everything gives a 500 error.  I can get to the SharePoint Online sites manually through a browser  on our Automate server and it will successfully connect and upload/download.  The interesting thing is that Microsoft published an incident that started at the same time as my issue.  MS claims their issue is resolved, but my error persists.  There issue did have to do with them doing an update.  I expect MS made a change that broke something.  I have not located any changes that happened on our side.  

    Does anyone have a task that uploads/downloads to SharePoint Online that is currently working (just looking for confirmation whether or not it is just me)?  Or do you have any other thoughts?

    Thanks in advance for your time!
    Automate Desktop -
    Windows 2016 Server