• MS SQL format on date field no longer works


    We've picked up that when formatting an MS SQL dataset with a datetime field whereby the format() function no longer formats the date into the specified format. 

    It appears that the variable is being set to a text and no longer interprets the date type.

    <AMVARIABLE NAME="DateTimeResult">%Result.StartTime%</AMVARIABLE>
    <AMVARIABLE NAME="DateTimeFormat">%Format(Result.StartTime, "yyyyMMdd")%</AMVARIABLE>

    Result.StartTime is the MS SQL date field from the dataset. Both variables return the original value of the MS SQL date value 2022/03/15 11:18:07.057
  • Delay in triggering


    We've noticed that our tasks are delayed from executing when the scheduled trigger time has been met. example. Task is scheduled to run daily at 7am. the trigger executes and then states the next schedule is the next day at 7am but the task only executes at 8am. this delay becomes longer and longer as time goes on where by the next day the task only executes at 8:20am etc. Any ideas as to what could be the cause of this. Initially this problem never existed. We've been running with V11.6.10.49 for 3months without this issue. We've been adding more and more jobs to the automation over time but cannot think why the workload could be the cause. Thanks
  • Folder Already Exists V11


    When using the File System - Create Folder Action, it results in an error if creating a folder that already exists, whereas in V10 it never threw any error. Please explain why there is no consistency.
  • Database enabled option

    Hi is there an option in the BPA SQL database that indicates whether any construct is enabled/disabled. 

    the AutomateConstruct table has the enabled field, but when filtering this to enabled ~ false, it only reflect resource type 3 which refers to workflows that are disabled even though there are tasks/conditions/folders that are disabled as well