• RE: Error updating values in a dataset that uses ".CurrentRow" in loop

    As per documentation, I am not really sure you can update the value of a column in a dataset, I believe the following action are the only ones you can perform:
    insert row, move row, delete row, insert column, rename column, move column and delete column

    You can always iteratively build a new dataset based on the mutation you are trying to make on your current dataset.
  • RE: "Variable <myVar> not found" - error looping Dataset in called function

    Hi Gabriele,

    based on your code, it appears that your dataset <ds_test> is not declared inside your function.

    in order to fix, you need to change the way you create your function and the way you are calling it. Make sure your function receives "ds_test" as a parameter, and pass it when you call.
  • RE: Split PDF Based off of separator pages

    Hi Chris, 

    Since you already have the pages numbers into a dataset, you can loop through it and use the PDF remove page function,

    Lets say you have a PDF with 3 pages and you would like  to save it into 3 different PDFs, all you have to do is a loop that performance the following:
    1 - remove all the pages that are different than 1 and save it as 1.pdf,
    2 - then remove all the page different than 2 and save it as  2.pdf
    3 - then remove all the page different than 3 and save it as  3.pdf

    Sample code (without the loop)
    ​​​​​​​<AMPDF ACTIVITY="delete" SOURCE="%var_source_pdf_file%" SAVETYPE="save_as" DESTINATION="%var_desired_pdf_file%" PAGE="%var_page_to_remove%" />

    Hope it Helps
  • RE: Split Function

    It is better to  mark the thread as solved, so we can easily  help other developers 
  • RE: Split Function

    You can just loop through a list that holds the value of your variable called variable_2. the bellow code should answer your question

    Also create another variable to use as placeholder 

    <AMVARIABLE NAME="variable_1" VALUE="A,B,C,D" />
    <AMVARIABLE NAME="variable_2" VALUE="" />
    <AMVARIABLE NAME="my_value" />
    <AMTEXT ACTIVITY="replace" TEXT="%variable_1%" FIND="," REPLACE="&#xD;&#xA;" RESULTVARIABLE="variable_2" />
    <AMLOOP ACTIVITY="list" LIST="%variable_2%" DELIMITER="new_line" RESULTVARIABLE="my_value" />
    <AMLOOP ACTIVITY="end" />

    Do let me know if you need more help.
  • RE: Split Function

    Hi Phil
    you can just replace the commas with a new line, The below code should output the text you want 

    <AMVARIABLE NAME="variable_1" VALUE="A,B,C,D" />
    <AMVARIABLE NAME="variable_2" />
    <AMTEXT ACTIVITY="replace" TEXT="%variable_1%" FIND="," REPLACE="&#xD;&#xA;" RESULTVARIABLE="variable_2" />

  • RE: Eval Function Returning Type Mismatch

    Hi Brain, it would be better if you could share the code here
  • RE: Logic comparison AND OR question

  • RE: Schedule Name to Variable

    When a trigger fires, Automate creates a dataset called  AMTrigger.  The AMTrigger dataset has a field called Trigger  which basically holds the name of the event that triggered the execution.

    Each event or condition contains a unique name as shown below 



    Event Name

    Event Log


    File System














    SNMP Trap








    by outputing %AMTrigger.Trigger% you should be able to get the info you are looking for

  • RE: Extract days betwen to dates

    Hi Carlos you can use DateDiff function

    E.g: %DateDiff('d', '30/07/2023', '1/08/2023')% #The output should be 2.

    *The first parameter  indicates which kind of interval to subtract. (d for day, h for hour and so on)