• Azure Storage

    Hey all. So I have recieved an SAS Token and an SAS URL. I have seen in automation we have an action for it. Question being. I have no idea where on earth to input the data within the action. Do I need to create a container?&#160;<br> <br> Kind Regards<br> &#160;
  • Task Run Errors Dissapeared

    Morning all

    When I ran a task in automate I used to be able to diagnose the issues with the errors at the bottom. 
    It would compile the errors as the task runs and let me know what was going on
    It seems to have dissapeared?
    Anyone know how to get it back?
  • Localhost


    My automate crashed and I seem to have an issue location my tasks

    the current connection local host currently states "There was no Automate Task Service responding at 'localhost'"

  • Find and Replace issue Automate

    Afternoon all

    I was using the find and replace option in automate (ctrl F)
    Oddly the replace is not letting me select it anymore? So I can only use the "Find" option

    Any ideas anyone?
  • Download Automate Calender

    Afternoon all

    Is there a way to download all the Automate tasks we currently have scheduled into a simple format such as a csv/xls?

  • There was no Automate Task Service responding at 'localhost'

    Having an issue with 
    'There was no Automate Task Service responding at 'localhost''

    Cannot seem to connect to my tasks. How do I go about this? 

    See image
  • Automate on Multiple Devices on Subscription

    Hey all

    I have automate currently downloaded on one device running tasks. Is there any way to download to another device and run seperate tasks?
  • Multiple Tasks at the same time

    Hey all

    Currently have Automate running many tasks throughout the day. Usually every 3 minutes

    I want to run mutliple tasks at the sametime. I do however need to use the chrome downloads folder so that is currently why they all run individually so there is no overwriting of the files.

    I thought perhaps build a bunch of different chrome browsers and use these as seperate browsers for seperate default download folders for each chrome browser.

    This allowing me to run multiple tasks at the same time without overwrite error

    This doesnt seem to work.

    I was wondering if anyone else has any ideas on how to achieve this. Can automate be downloaded on multiple devices so I could run a seperate automate programme? Or is it just one per subscription?