• RE: File Creation with names based upon dates

    Hi Steve,<br> <br> We do have a create folder action in Automate so you can use this along with an incrementing variable to create a folder with the date in the title.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> <br> Thanks,<br> <br> Amy
  • RE: Loop Contents of File/Write to new file efficiencies

    Hi Joe,

    Please open a case with the Automate support group for this so we can take a closer look at your task and environment.


  • RE: passing in a dataset to a BASIC function

    Hi Eric,<br> <br> Please open a case with the Automate support group for this issue if you have not already.&nbsp; This is something that we should look into more closely.<br> <br> Thanks,<br> <br> Amy
  • RE: Dynamic Email Priority

    Hi James,<br> <br> Yes, we can add this as a feature request.&nbsp; Go ahead and open a case with support with this request.<br> <br> Thanks,<br> <br> Amy
  • RE: Database enabled option

    Hi Micheal,<br> &nbsp;<br> The data you are looking for is stored in the workflowitemconstructs table.&nbsp; You will first need to determine the workflow resource id from automateconstruct and then you can filter on that to find the record in&nbsp;workflowitemconstructs.&nbsp; You will likely see multiple records returned.&nbsp; The construct type is 2 for tasks and you can see there is a column for Enabled.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> &nbsp;<br> Let me know if you have any questions.<br> &nbsp;<br> Thanks,<br> &nbsp;<br> Amy
  • RE: Best Practice for amoutnof tasks running at a time

    Hi Douglas,<br> <br> Please see the attached document for best practices.&nbsp; If you continue to have issues with CPU spikes, please open a new case with support so we can take a closer look at your system.<br> <br> Thanks,<br> <br> Amy
  • RE: Detect the existence of a session

    Hi James,<br> <br> We do not have a way to check if a session exists, but this could definitely be added as a feature request.&nbsp; Please open a new case with support if you would like to have this added as a feature request.<br> <br> We do have an option to check if a process is running, so you could check if the Excel process is already running if needed.<br> <br> Thanks,<br> <br> Amy
  • RE: DateAdd("ww", -3, CStr(Date() ) returns 53 instead of 01

    Hi Thomas,<br> <br> Were you able to get this working or do you still need assistance? It looks like the code that you are using might be pulling the calendar week in the year rather than the week number of a particular month.<br> <br> Let us know if you still need assistance on this.&nbsp; We may need to open a case for further testing.<br> <br> Thanks,<br> <br> Amy
  • RE: is there a way around Edge browser pop ups

    Hi Bradley,<br> <br> You could use the Send Keystrokes action to send the Enter key or Tab + Enter depending on which button you would like to select.&nbsp; You could also use the Move mouse and Click actions to select the button.<br> <br> Thanks,<br> <br> Amy
  • RE: Split text in variables to other variables?

    Hi Bradley,<br> <br> Here is a link to our documentation on the Text actions:<br> <a href="https://hstechdocs.helpsystems.com/manuals/automate/am_11/Content/Task_Builder/Actions_Activities/Text/Text.htm">Text (helpsystems.com)</a><br> <br> Unfortunately, I could not find one that would do specifically what you are attempting to do.&nbsp; You could possibly load the values into a CSV file and then load the CSV file into a dataset to be used in Automate.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> <br> Let us know if you have any questions.<br> <br> Thanks,<br> <br> Amy