• Timeline of Events (Report)

    We are using Automate Enterprise 2022 and are wondering if it is possible to get a report, which gives a simple breakdown of the tasks and their schedules, similar to what you would see in Microsoft Task Scheduler?<br> <br> Task 1 - runs daily, every 10 minutes<br> Task 2 - runs daily, every 30 minutes<br> Task 3 - runs M-F, every 30 minutes<br> Task 4 - runs monthly, on day 4<br> etc.,
  • Shrink and/or Split PDF Files

    We process a lot of PDF files through a document storage system, which has a hard limit of 1Mb on it's incoming data and would be interested to know how we might shrink a PDF file (similar to the Adobe Acrobat option to shrink) or if we can convert to single-page images (JPG, TIF) that in turn would be less than 1Mb.

    Currently this is a manual process and any help would be appreciated.