• Eval Function Returning Type Mismatch


    There is an issue with the Eval function I'm running into with Automate

    I have a series of steps to convert a dataset (dsResult) into a HTML string. The issue occurs when looping through the dataset to append a table row to the HTML string.

    There's a variable (TableRow) with a value of "<tr><td>" & dsResult.%replace(dsResult.ColumnNames,","," & ""</td><td>"" & dsResult.")% & "</td></tr>". This will create a table row ready for the Eval function.

    The next step loops through the dataset and performs the following: it sets a variable to: %table% & %Eval(TableRow)%

    This should append the result of the Eval() function to the HTML string %table%. However it returns a Type Mismatch error.

    The error I get is:

    [OpsAlertTemplate][Main](Step 39) Type mismatch.
    [*x__InternalSub5|x__InternalSub5#  4] Expr__LHS = (Eval(TableRow))

    Could you please let me know what I'm doing wrong?