• RE: Start an Automate task on a remote server

    We're looking into something similar using the REST API, but we're just now getting started. Depending on the version of Automate you're using, that might be an option for you.
  • RE: How do I compare time in Automate?

    My prior post didn't seem to format as expected. Trying again with a screenshot attached.<br> &nbsp;
  • RE: How do I compare time in Automate?

    You can do something like this:<br> &nbsp; <pre class="linenums prettyprint">&lt;AMVARIABLE NAME="time1" TYPE="text" /&gt; &lt;AMVARIABLE NAME="time2" TYPE="text" /&gt; &lt;AMVARIABLE ACTIVITY="set" VARIABLENAME="time1"&gt;%CDate(Date())%&lt;/AMVARIABLE&gt; &lt;AMVARIABLE ACTIVITY="set" VARIABLENAME="time2"&gt;%CDate('2022-08-22')%&lt;/AMVARIABLE&gt; &lt;!-- --&gt; &lt;AMIF EXPRESSION="%time1% &amp;gt; %time2%" /&gt; &lt;AMSHOWDIALOG MESSAGE="Time 1 is &amp;gt; Time 2" WINDOWTITLE="Time Check" /&gt; &lt;AMIF ACTIVITY="end" /&gt;</pre>
  • RE: Running a task from within the Task Builder vs running it from outside


    When you run in Task Builder, it's not using an Agent. Running it that way is basically debug mode. When you run it at the Workflow designer level, you need to specify either the default agent, or a specific agent.

    Perhaps if you can post the actual error message or a screenshot that might give a better picture of the issue.

  • Automate 11.7 64 & 32 bit

    The release notes for 11.7 state:

    As of version 11.7.0, Automate Plus/Ultimate is only available as a 64-bit installer. However, Agents can still be installed on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

    However, on My Downloads page, I show both 64 and 32 bit installers for Automate Plus/Ultimate. Can you confirm? We currently have dependencies on 32-bit so if we are limited to 64-bit only then this could hinder an upgrade to 11.7 for us.

  • Screen resolution in Azure VMs

    Has anyone figured out how to run a bot on an Azure VM using a higher display resolution? We discovered that the default resolution of an Azure VM is 1024x768, and I've not found a way to change this. 1024x768 is rather limiting when working with interfaces that have a UI designed for a higher resolution.
  • RE: Count Lines In CSV

    Hey Brian,

    I've done this a few times. IIRC, you need to return the value, ie:

    $rowCount = (Import-Csv 'D:\Files\test.csv').Count
    return $rowCount
  • RE: OnStepError variable not correct

    I discovered this sometime ago as well. The problem is that by step 2, the dataset information has disappeared, so the trick is capturing all the information you need on the first step, or line 1. That explains why your step 2 is never correct.<br> <br> Here is the code in our standard task template that is in the OnStepError event. This code has to be on the <strong>first</strong> line. Even if there is a comment on line 1, and the following code is on step 2, it won't work.<br> <br> &lt;AMVARIABLE ACTIVITY="set" VARIABLENAME="tv_taskError"&gt;Function: %AMError.FunctionName% | Step: %AMError.StepNumber% | Error Num: %AMError.ErrorNumber% | %AMError.ErrorDesc%&lt;/AMVARIABLE&gt;<br> <br> &nbsp;

  • Banno API

    Does anyone have any XP utilizing Jack Henry's Banno API with Automate? If so, would you be willing to share a copy, or even just a construct, of your task?

    I could probably figure it out eventually, but was hoping I could save some time from someone else's experience.

    We are running Automate Enterprise 11.5.


  • Detect the existence of a session

    Is there a way to natively detect the existence of a Session that is created? For example, on an Excel Open action, you can specify a Session name for that action to create.

    Is there a way to detect if that session exists prior?