• RE: Modern Authentication Supported?

  • Office 365 Email EWS Authentication

    I am using the EWS protocol to access Office 365 email.  While it works, authentication always takes just over a minute.  Is this normal?  Is there some change I can make to authenticate more quickly.  Due to the consistency of the authentication time, I get the feeling something has to timeout before it completes.  Is there anything I can do to try to figure out if there is a bottleneck and where that might be?

    Here is the task:
    <AMEMAIL ACTIVITY="all_messages" PROTOCOLTYPE="ews" EMAILADDRESS="[email protected]" SERVER="outlook.office365.com" USERNAME="[email protected]" PASSWORD="98765" RESULTDATASET="mymail" REMOVEMESSAGE="YES" ATTACHMENTDEST="C:\Temp" SAVEMODE="unique" />

    Thank you,