You cannot run a Java applet using the following command line from FTP/400:


The Windows user must be in the same directory as the Java applet before you can run the applet with the Java Applet Viewer from a command line.
To run a Java Applet from a command line, either in Microsoft Windows or FTP/400:
  1. In the C:\JAVA\BIN directory, create a PC batch file named RUNAPPL.BAT.
  2.  Copy the following commands into the .BAT file:

    @REM - Run Selected Java Applet from Command Line
    @REM - Parm 1 - Applet Viewer Program
    @REM - Parm 2 - Drive Letter
    @REM - Parm 3 - Directory for Applet on Drive Letter
    @REM - Parm 4 - Applet HTML Launch Page
    @REM Change to Drive
    @REM Change to Directory
    CD %3
    @REM Launch Applet
    %1 %4
    @ECHO Applet has completed.

  3. Make sure the directory C:\JAVA\BIN is in the PC search path.
  4. To run the same applet command as above, use the following command:

    FTPRUNPC CMD('c:\java\bin\runappl.bat c:\java\bin\appletviewer  c: \java\demo\Animator\  example4.html') OPTION(*SHELL)

  5. If the command works, remove the @PAUSE statement from RUNAPPL.BAT to stop the .BAT file from pausing.
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