When you use the INSERT statement to insert a record into a Microsoft Access database, you get the following error in the RPG2SQL server component debug window:
999 ERR-2147217904 [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too few parameters. Expected 12.
Your statement, as it displays in the debug window, looks something like this:
SQL Execute: Insert into PostedToBoth Values(2762287.00,1046827.00,"06/02/2004","REGULAR","BV",3.75,"  ","1621","BIN","ISC","SLOTS-1621","4C FB VIP  SELF","CGB","ISSUE","200404",.55581800,.44458400,.00,.00,.00,.00,2.08,1.67,.00,.00,.00,.00,3.75)


You are not passing the field names along with the field values. The ODBC driver needs the field names, even though Microsoft Access does not. Make sure to pass both field names and values in the command.
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