As of 3.14, all routing commands call exit program DOCFLOWEXC with an appropriate operation code. The commands and their respective descriptions and operations are:

DOCFLOWAPV  Approve Document                               'APPROVE'
DOCFLOWCRT  Create Route for Document                      'CREATE'
DOCFLOWDEL  Delete Route for Document                      'DELETE'
DOCFLOWINS  Insert Recipient for Document                  'INSERT'
DOCFLOWMRT  Complete and Mark Existing Route as Re-Routed  'COMPLETEANDREROUTE'
DOCFLOWQRD  Get Next Routing Doc From Inbox Queue          'QUEUEREAD'
DOCFLOWREJ  Reject Document                                'REJECT'
DOCFLOWRRT  Re-Route Document to New Route                 'REROUTE'
There is a skeleton source member, DOCFLOWEXC, in file RJSIMAGE/SOURCE.  
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