The following steps can be used from the iSeries to test to see if a SMTP email server can correctly send email messages. This is the best way to troubleshoot if someone cannot send mail messages via SMTP. 

Usually the problem will turn out to be that their SMTP server is not set up to accept mail relaying (email passed from one SMTP server to another). When running the SMTP commands listed below the user will receive an error response message if mail relaying is not allowed. 

Step 1

Type the following command from the iSeries command line. This will connect you to your SMTP mail server so that you can manually send a mail message:
Note: In this sample we used a host name of RJS. You should use the host name for your SMTP mail server. 
After typing the TELNET command and pressing Enter, you should see a 220 message similar to the following message if you get connected to your SMTP server:

Step 2

Type the following commands individually and press Enter after each one. This will send a one line email message that says: "TEST EMAIL". 
Note: Where we used support.doc[email protected], you should use your own Internet email address.
Note: With the AS/400, sometimes the HELO command has to be typed 2-3  times.)
(Secure SMTP only)
MAIL FROM: <[email protected]>
This option tells the SMTP server we're about to send the message content.
Yes, this is a period, on a line by itself. After pressing Enter, your message will be queued.
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