Domino Report Server/400 is ready for V6R1/V7R1 of i5/OS, starting with version 1.60



Added PDF header data area PDFVER. This now controls the PDF version set in the PDF header. Default - %PDF-1.5. Dft used to be 1.3. If the data area is blank or missing, the PDF converters will use 1.3 as the default.



Updated java class CreateDocument to correctly set values for Domino Field Groups. If a field already had a value the Domino Field Group value was not replacing correctly for a new document.



NOTE: Minimum OS/400 release is now V5R1.



Updated NTS008R PDF converter to generate a report on legal paper size if the report is 80 columns and more than 66 lines per page.



Added the NTSADDRPTJ command for adding a new report to a Domino database using the native Domino API. Needs JDK 1.4.

Added NTSUSEJAVA data area. If set to *NO we will use existing NTSADDRPT API. If set to *YES use NTSADDRPTJ Java API.

Added NTSUSERID data area. Domino user. Added NTSUSERPW data area. Domino password. Note: The Java API seems to work without a Domino user ID and password, but just in case, we added the data areas for user/password.

Implemented NTSJAVAEN command to restore RJS Java objects to the IFS. Note: This command must be run before using the NTSADDRPTJ command.

Implemented new VFYJDK command to verify if the Java JDK 1.4 is loaded on the iSeries.



Resolved problem where user would get a RNX9998 - "Pointer not set for location referenced" error from NTSMON001.



Changed NTSLIST to create temporary file with *NOMAX for record count.

Changed hard coded library references to the QNOTES library to *LIBL for programs that bind to lotus service programs LIBNOTES and QNNINAPI. Apparently Domino R6 allows the Domino Server library to be something other than QNOTES.

Changed hard coded library references to the QNOTES library to *LIBL for the NTSDOMCMD CL command and rebuilt the API.



Added spool overrides to PDF converter. Page Orientation Override values: *PORTRAIT = portrait page orientation *LANDSCPAE = landscape page orientation Font Size Override (1-20) Line Space Override suggested values: 80 col portrait = 8 132 col landscape = 7 198 col landscape = 6

Changed QUSRSPLA data area default from 1411 to 1600 so we pick up the user defined options correctly. Thes fields are used for overriding spool file info.



Major change: implemented the ability to handle up to 999999 spool file entries per AS/400 job. this is to comply with V5R1 update to allow this. NOTE: If users are using any of the report server commands in their own programs, they will need to test their programs to make sure the programs don't need to be updated to handle the new 6 digit spool file numbers.



When documents are ifs documents with outpty 9, remove the ext: from the user defined data to prevent user defined fields from mapping incorrectly when the special keywords of *USERDEF1 - *USERDEF10 are used to map user defined data into notes fields.



Added initial F1 help panel implementation to selected commands.



If a spool file is created with an outpty of '9' and the data type is *USERASCII, data will be extracted in raw spool file format and the file extension will be extracted ROM the user defined data field.

EXAMPLE: EXT:PDF~ This option enables the domino report server to capture user ASCII spool files that contain PC file data and store them in the report manager database.



Added NTSUPG command to upgrade settings to new library if installed.



Created NTSSVRPATH command to set the path to the domino server so NTSDOMCMD is no longer needed when talking to a domino server.

Created command NTSADDRP5 and RPG program NTSADDRP5R and CL NTSADDRP5C to be used as alternatives to NTSADDRP1C or NTSADDRP4C for adding new documents. this should prevent potential crashes when running domino 5.0.9a or above.



Added new PDF converter program to create PDF files that are updateable.

Also added NTSPDFPGM data area to tell the email report server which PDF converter to use. if set to TS008R, the regular PDF converter is used. if set to NTS018R, the new PDF converter will be used.



Added ability to copy *IPDS files with text converters. some customer have *IPDS reports that will copy with CPYSPLF.



Added NTSMONEND command to flag the OUTQ monitor to end. a customer running domino v5.05 notified us that they were killing the domino report server OUTQ monitor and this was causing their domino server to crash they were already using the ntsaddrp4c PGM with the NTSADDRPT command, so that wasn't the problem. we're speculating the problem occurred because of the way he killed the OUTQ monitor job. also added the DOMENDFLAG data area.



Changed NTSADDRP4R to trim blank space only on the right side of data fields. We were trimming leading and trailing blank spaces.

Created DMASCII and DMEBCDIC translation table data areas to support data translation.



Added page size for *letter or *A4 paper to the RTF Converter. Also added paragraph point spacing for 80, 132 or 198 column reports to RTF Converter.



Added auto page scaling option to PDF Converter if the page scaling parm default gets changed to *AUTO. This will auto-scale PDF file sizes based on page length/width/LPI/CPI.



Fixed CPYAFPPDF command to keep it from locking up when called from a java environment. The RJSTIFF service program has been compiled for release V4R1 compatability. We changed it to V4R2 compatability and it now works. Java was added to the as/400 in V4R2.



Changed command NTSADDRPT to always use program NTSADDRP4C instead of NTSADDRP1C. This should prevent potential Domino server crashes caused with Domino V5.0.2 or above when NTSMON or NTSADDRPT are called.



Added LPAR access code checking option.



Added output queue group selection to NTSMON command. A new field was added to file NTSDIR00 to support this feature.



Added ability to map program name and library name into user defined field 2 if the user def 2 field = *PGMNAME.



Changed RTF, PDF, HTML converters to scan up to 200 lines for the longest report line during conversion.



When converting AFP to PDF with command NTS0063, we will now retry the TIFF to PDF conversion up to 2 times if it fails. Sometimes the TIFF to PDF conversion fails for no reason and works the second time it's called. Very bizarre.



Removed 'TCPIP' port from NTSADDRP1 and NTSADDRP4R. This change did not resolve the issue we were trying to address, so we're removing the change.

Created NTSLOG command to run in NTSMONC2 to log parms passed to NTSADDRPT command. This allows customers to verify info going to Domino documents. Data area NTSLOG must be set to *yes to enable this option.

Fixed text converters so that they correctly merge zero line space info. We swapped the merge fields around because the fields were getting merged in the incorrect order. We also now write the last line of a report if it contains zero line spacing.



Added 'TCPIP' port to NTSADDRP1 and NTSADDRP4R. This will make sure we always attempt to access any remote databases using the 'TCPIP' Domino port.

Added NTSSERVER data area & cmd which will allow the entered server name to be overridden with the longer formats such as: cn=rjs400/o=rjs software systems inc. Rjs400/rjs software systems inc. Rjs400.



Fixed user defined data to pass all 255 characters instead of only the first 150 characters.



Created command NTSLIST to list spool files from a selected outq to an *outfile. This is a utility command and not currently used by any of the report server programs.

Spool entry length is now picked up from the user space so the 82/88 setting will not be needed. This eliminates the need for the QLISTLEN data area.



Fixed NTSMON001 so that if a report gets deleted from an outq while we are processing it will not kill the outq monitor.



Extended NTS005 converter to handle a 100 character IFS path instead of 50.



Created NTSTEMPDIR data area. Changed all programs that use /RJSTEMP dir to RTV temp dir from the data area.



Added job/user/job number to temp file names to prevent potential work file naming conflicts.



Replace { } characters with brackets when performing an RTF conversion. This prevents errors when opening an RTF report if it has an unmatched bracket in the report data.

Added new zero line spacing logic to the TXT, HTML, RTF and PDF text converter programs. Data should not get lost on the reports any more.



Added #PRAGMA(0) to NTSADDRP1. The CHGDTAARA command was not being converted correctly to EBCDIC after our upgrade to Domino 5.0.4. PRAGMA(0) will insure that all CHGDTAARA commands are run with EBCDIC data.

Enabled setting the creation date using the domino CONVERTTEXTTOTIMEDATE function in program NTSADDRP4R.

Changed NTSWAIT data area default to 1 second.



Created command ntsaddrp4 and RPG program NTSADDRP4R and CL NTSADDRP4C to be used as alternatives to NTSADDRP1C when adding a document to a database. This should prevent potential crashes when running Domino 5.0.4 or above.



Errors will now be output to DOMOUT or DOMERR files for troubleshooting.

Added NTSWAIT data area. For wait time between polling intervals.



Fixed NTS002 txt converter to prevent -0002 errors if a data line is blanks.

Creation date value is now set using the NSFITEMSETTIME function instead of the NSFITEMSETTEXT function. This insures there are valid date values in the CREATIONDATE database field. A European customer had been claiming that the Domino Report Server/400 was messing with their domino server date formats. This might solve that problem also.



Created NTS0062 to replace NTS0061 for TIFF conversion. NTS0062 writes output to the IFS and uses the QDLS folder only as a temp path.

Created AFP to PDF command NTS0063 and also added the AFP to PDF handling to the NTSMONC2 command if an *AFPDS spool file is chosen to be processed.

Added code to move objects from TIFFLIB to library RJSERS.

Created NTS010C program. It now writes host print transform conversions directly to the IFS instead of a shared folder.

Changed all commands to create temp work files in the /RJSTEMP IFS directory.

Replaced NTS0063 with CPYAFPPDF in NTSMONC2 program. PDF converter is a separate purchase item for now.

Added NTSDATEFMT data area to NTSMONC2 to correctly format report creation date info. This was done to handle international date formatting.


2000-08-11' NTSADDDB now does a CHGAUT to make sure the IFS file has *PUBLIC *RWX authority.



Fixed problem with the NTSMONC2 program not correctly editing spool file numbers greater than 99. We edit the spool file numbers to remove leading zeros. This was causing errors if converting AFP reports or extracting raw spool file data.



Added PCL to PDF conversion option.2) Added NTSATR command to determine report type when PDF is chosen for data type.3) Added PCL to PDF conversion to NTSMONC2.


2000-07-21' Expanded custom index fields to have 10 index fields available instead of 5.



NTSEXT will not be called any more unless the report data type is text (*SCS). On *AFPDS reports or *USERASCII reports, errors were occurring when we tried to use the CPYSPLF command in NTSEXT. Error was cpa3311 - attributes of file not supported.



Added NTSPARSEC CL API for parsing string data.

Added *USERDEF1 - *USERDEF5 keyword handling to parse user defined index.



Fixed problem where line space/skipping wasn't picked up on the last record. This change was only made to NTS002 which is the ASCII text PRN converter. We will not change the other converters unless asked.



Added 5 custom index fields to the NTSADDRPT and NTSADDDB commands. This was done to allow users to add up to 5 custom index fields to our AS/400 Report Manager Domino Database template.

Created NTSEXT command to extract data from a spool file based on information entered in the Domino field group table NTSFLD00. Up to 5 index fields can currently be extracted from a single report.

Created Domino field group maintenance program NTS102.

Converted menu to UIM style rolling menu.

Created alternate RTF converter to use if running with different AS/400 code pages. Also created data area RTFCOMMAND to determine which RTF converter to call.

NTSKEY00 source is shipped. NTSKEY00 gets created with CCSID 65535 which should allow usage on a foreign system with a different CCSID.



Added Domino field group and Domino reader group tables. NTSFLD00 and NTSRDR00.

Removed database DIR field from entry screen in NTS100.



When converting to PDF, scan for '\)' and replace with '\134)' if found this should prevent errors in case of a slash and parenthesis found on the right side of a report data line.



Added ZEROSPC parm to ERS004 command.



Changed NTSMON to pick up user defined information from the user defined data in the spool file and pass it to user field 1 assuming the field was not already filled in. If so, the user field 1 information is not set.



Created NTSADDRP1 C program to be used with the NTSADDRPT command to add a report document to a Domino database. This program essentially eliminates any dependencies on the HITEST API. This will hopefully resolve the odd Domino R5 crashes we've seen.



Added timestamp logic to NTSLOG00 logging file and NTSMON001.



Added CHKOBJIFS command to check for ifs files.2) Added *NEW as activation group for all programs.



Added API key to all converters. They cannot be used outside of the Domino Report Server/400 program.

Added PDF converter command NTS008.

Modified converters to use a 410 byte record length instead of a 9999 byte record.

Modified NTSADDRPTR to call the terminate SUBPROCEDURE if an error occurs during processing. This should hopefully prevent R5 server errors and should make sure we get switched back from the QNOTES profile.



Modified menu to allow access to the QNOTES spool files on OPT 9.

Added info messages to NTSMONC2 to tell us what's going on during processing in the job log.

Modified SBMJOB to submit the job under user ID QNOTES. This will assume that QNOTES is given *SPLCTL and possibly *ALLOBJ authority.



Modified NTS003R to add CSS2 page breaks to HTML pages when they are created. This will allow nice printing from IE 4.0/5.0 of the HTML documents.



Added field copy to NTS101R so fields can be copied when adding a report description also added NTSKEYC program and the REPORTKEY data area.

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