This program may be installed locally on a PC or on a network drive.


  • Java version 1.4 or later installed on each PC where the program is used.

  • MessengerConsole or MessengerPlus, version 7 or higher.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install Java, if it's not already installed. To test for a current installation, start a command window, type java -version and press Enter.


    • If a Java version message appears, then Java is installed.

    • If the version is 1.4 or later, then the current Java installation is okay.

    • If a 'not found' message appears, or the version is less than 1.4, then install Java version 1.4 or later.

    • See to get the Java Runtime Engine (JRE). There is no charge for the Java JRE.

  2. If running Messenger version 7, download and apply PTF 0MP0037. This adds the necessary files to IFS directory /Bytware/MPLUS. If running a higher version of Messenger, continue with the next step.

  3. Copy the files from directory, /Bytware/MPLUS, to your local PC or a network drive (the network administrator should decide where the files should be copied). When copying the files, place them in a directory named MessengerPlus.

  4. Using Windows Explorer, click the directory just created and select File > New > Shortcut. Then, type javaw -jar mp.jar as the location and click Next. Type a name for the shortcut and click Finish.

  5. Right-click the shortcut you just created and select Properties. In the Start in field, type the path to your directory (for example, C:\MessengerPlus). Click Change icon to select a different icon, if you wish.

  6. Click OK.

Any number of users can copy this shortcut to their desktop and use it to start the application. Each user must have Java installed. Each user must have the same network path to the directory (for example F:\MessengerPlus).

The network administrator must edit the file to setup servers and users. The directions for editing are at the top of that file.


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