Displaying Reports with Microsoft Internet Explorer

Displaying reports with Microsoft Internet Explorer is easy. You can open a report in the following ways:
  • If the report is posted on a web page, click a link to the URL.
  • In Internet Explorer, go to File > Open and choose the local PC file to open.
  • If the report has an HTM or HTML file extension, double-click the report file.
After you have opened a report, you can:
  • Use Find to search for text within the report.
  • Copy and paste report text.

Changing Viewing and Printing Font Sizes in Internet Explorer

To change viewing and printing font sizes in Internet Explorer, go to View > Fonts and choose between Smallest, Smaller, Medium, Larger and Largest.
Note: The viewing font size is the same as the printing font size. You may need to choose a very small size to print a 132- or 198-column report. See the next section for more information on printing reports.

Printing Reports with Internet Explorer

Before printing a report, you may want to change the following settings to make printing easier:
  • Change the printer page set-up - The printer page margins must be set correctly in order to print an AS/400 report. We suggest you set all page margins for Internet Explorer to 1/4" or .25":
    1. In Internet Explorer, go to File > Page Setup.
    2. In Page Orientation, choose Portrait or Landscape. RJS software recommends:
      • For 80-column reports, Portrait.
      • For 132- or 198-column reports, Landscape.
    3. Change each of the Page Margins to .25".
    4. Click OK.
  • Change the font size - Before printing a report, you need to set the font size to correctly print the selected report. RJS Software recommends:
    • For 80-column reports, Medium or Large.
    • For 132-column reports, Small or Medium.
    • For 198-column reports, Small or Medium.

      Note: Internet Explorer doesn't enforce page breaks within an HTML document and doesn't recognize page breaks when printing. So portions of multiple pages may print on one page.

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