This PTF allows Stand Guard Network Security and Stand Guard Recycle Bin to function properly on the same IBM i.


  • Stand Guard Network Security is currently installed.

  • Ability to sign on to the IBM i as QSECOFR or equivalent (*SECADM, *ALLOBJ, and authority to the ALWOBJDIF parameter on the RSTOBJ command).

Note: TCP/IP server jobs and/or subsystems will NOT need to be restarted. PTF installation may occur at any time.


  1. Create a temporary directory on your PC: C:\TEMP.

  2. Download the Stand Guard PTF file,, to the temporary directory. Current users can access the download from the My Downloads page. If you're a new user, you should have received an email message containing the download link. If you don't have it, contact your Bytware Regional Manager.

  3. Unzip the file to the C:\TEMP directory.

  4. Open a DOS window (Click Start > Run, type COMMAND, and press Enter). Then, type the following commands:

    1. FTP, then press Enter.

    2. OPEN, then press Enter.

    3. Type your IBM i system name or IP address, then press Enter.

    4. If necessary, type your username and password, then press Enter.

    5. QUOTE RCMD CRTSAVF QGPL/SAVF0831, then press Enter.

    6. BIN, then press Enter.

    7. PUT C:\TEMP\SAVF0831 QGPL/SAVF0831, then press Enter.

    8. BYE, then press Enter.

  5. Sign on to the IBM i with *ALLOBJ and *SECADM authority and run the following commands:


    You should receive the following messages: "1 security or data format changes occurred," and "1 objects restored. 0 not restored to library STANDGUARD."


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