When you use WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server and the Reform spooler, the spooler does not process reports even though they are being spooled into the C:\WSPEFORM\SPOOLER directory. 
The Reform spooler has been started and appears to be running.  


The Reform spooler looks for an electronic form definition that matches the spool-file name when it downloads a report. If it cannot find a form definition, it tries to use the default form default.fom. If it cannot find default.fom, it cannot process the report and thus reports stack up in the spooler directory. 
  1. Make sure that the default form definition file default.fom exists in the C:\WSPEFORM\FORMS directory.
  2. Restart the Reform spooler. 
Best Practice: Make sure that each report that will be processed has a corresponding form definition. 
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