When you run two SQL select statements from a Microsoft SQL Server database, you get the error:

-2147467259 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Timeout expired error


You can run the first SQL record select and loop through the database without error, but when you do a MoveFirst right after the SQL SELECT, the second SQL SELECT statement causes the program to lock up and return a timeout error.



RJS Software has removed the setting for the ActiveConnection property of ADO command object from the DBConnect method. This property can cause SQL to timeout if two SQL statements are run one after the other. Fortra Software now always sets the ActiveConnection property before using the ADODB.Command object and resets this property when done with the ADODB.Command object. This appears to be a bug in the Microsoft ADO database drivers for SQL Server. 

To solve the problem, upgrade RPG2SQL PC Component to version 1.0.38 or above.

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