Winspool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server fails to respool the output file to the specified output queue. The log looks something like this:
ERROR: Error -4 - occurred while spooling file to AS/400 output queue xxxxxx/QUSRSYS 5/16/2008, 10:56:17 AM Trace point: 10200 
INFO: Return spool to original queue command: WSPHOLD FILE(xxxxxx) FORMTYPE('xxxxxx') JOB(xxxxxx/xxxxxx/xxxxxx) SPLNBR


The latest version ( of csftp32.ocx (FTP control) requires the number of print copies to be specified, while previous versions did not. This control is part of the Winspool/400 32-bit TCP/IP API package.
In Table Entry > Edit Print Output Directory List > Print Copies, type 1 or any other number of copies to print.
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