Before You Begin

This document describes how to harvest data collected by a User Table Agent into an open enterprise database (OEDB).


  1. Log into TeamQuest Administration Console.
  2. Select the harvesting node.
  3. Edit the harvest policy or create a new harvest policy for a new database.
  4. From the Select Data Sets tab, click Create Data Set.
  5. On the Create Data Set page, click Create Table.
  6. Enter the Class:Subclass for your table. This value should match the values in the .tab file.
  7. Supply a name for the data set and select the table from the list.
  8. Save the data set.
  9. Add the new data set to the Included Data Sets area.
  10. Fill out and apply the Harvest Policy to the harvesting database.
  • If you harvest all tables, the table is harvested with all other tables.
  • Data will not appear in Vityl Monitor until tqagg runs. You can manually run tqagg to speed up the process. However, data is not available in the database after the next harvest.
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