When you try to get or refresh the queue list, you get error WinSpool/WSPL016 or WinSpool/WSPL021.


There are several possible solutions to this problem:
  • You may not have special authority on Spool Control. Add this authority.
  • The WINSPOOL library may not be installed. To check that the library is installed, run ADDLIBLE WINSPOOL.
  • If the error is WinSpool/WSPL016, there may be an output queue in the table entry that does not exist.
  • If you are using V5R3:
    • Make sure you have WinSpool/400 version 3.58 or above. 
    • Add a special message named CPFFFFF to the system messages table that fixes an FTP issues in V5R3:
      2. WSPLADDMS
      3. To check that the CPFFFFF message was created correctly: WRKMSGD MSGID(CPFFFFF)
  • Upgrade to V5R3 and get *ALLOBJ authority before using any WinSpool products.
  • The library list for user-created libraries may contain outdated copies of OS commands that are being called instead of the current OS commands.

    For example: A V5R3 copy of CRTPF (create physical file) that WinSpool/400 uses in spool-file processing is still in a user library at the top of the library list after you upgrade to V5R4.

    Remove any outdated commands to resolve this problem.

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