This article will provide information and illustrated instructions regarding the installation of Automate 8. Automate offers three editions:

  • Professional Edition- The base version of Automate which includes standard features designed to perform most automated desktop processes.
  • Premium Edition - Offers all the features found in the Professional Edition along with features designed to offer greater flexibility and implementation options to the businesses that require them, as well as the ability to connect to remote Runtime installations for remote management and task deployment.
  • Runtime Edition - A non-GUI component used for the execution of tasks on remote machines constructed and deployed by the Premium Edition component.

It is important to note that the file used to install any of the above mentioned editions is identical. The component to be installed is determined exclusively by the serial number entered during the setup process. If no serial number is entered (such as installation for the purpose of evaluation), an unrestricted (time limited) 30 day evaluation version of Automate Premium Edition is automatically installed. A Runtime Edition evaluation copy is not available. However, for those who wish to evaluate Automate’s deployment and remote management capabilities, another 30 day evaluation copy can be installed separately on another machine and can act as a Runtime component.

1. Welcome

When you begin the installation of Automate 8, the first screen that appears is titled Welcome to the Automate 8 Installation Wizard (as shown below). At this point, make sure that all Windows programs are closed before continuing installation.

Click Next to advance to the next screen.

2. License Agreement

The License Agreement window (illustrated below) appears next. It is important that you read the End User License Agreement (EULA) thoroughly in its entirety. If you wish to retain a hard-copy of the EULA, select Print. Toggle the option that states I accept the terms in the license agreement to proceed. Selecting the latter option will automatically end the installation.

Click Next to proceed.

3. Customer Information

The Customer Information window (shown below) enables you to enter information to personalize your installation, including user name and organization information. It also includes a field to enter your Automate serial number. As previously noted, the component to be installed is determined by the serial number entered. If this field is left blank, a 30 day evaluation copy of Automate Premium Edition will be installed.

Click Next after entering this information.

4. Destination Folder

The Destination Folder window shows the default folder in which Automate will be installed. To specify a different location, click Change and navigate to the desired folder.

Click Next to continue.

5. Ready to Install Program

A window titled Ready to Install the Program (shown below) comes next. If you need to modify or confirm any information previously entered, this is your last chance to click the Back button to revise any values. To cancel installation, click Cancel to exit the Wizard.

If everything is in order, click Install to start the installation.

6. Installing Automate 8

During the installation process, a window titled Installing Automate 8 (illustrated below) shows the progress of the current installation. If needed, you can still cancel installation during this period by clicking Cancel.

7. InstallShield Wizard Completed

A window titled InstallShield Wizard Completed (illustrated below) signifies the completion of the installation process.

Click Finish to exit the Wizard.

Applies to: Automate 8

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