A message set is a rule that tells Robot Console how to handle a specific message ID, range of message IDs, a table of message IDs, or all message IDs from a specific message file.

When a new message is received, the job RBCMANAGER checks to see if the new message falls into one of the previous categories. If RBCMANAGER finds a match, it runs the message set (or rule) for that message.

A message set can suppress the message, change it to response-required, answer it, or use OPAL code to execute a simple or complex set of messages.

In the GUI

There are two ways to create a message set within the Robot Console GUI.

  1. Robot Console Message Set Creation Wizard
    To create a Message Set using the Creation Wizard, select  in the GUI toolbar.

  2. All Message Sets
    You can also create a Message Set from the GUI by expanding Messages Sets in the tree view. Right-click All Message Sets and select New

On the Green Screen

Message sets can be created by going into option 2, Message Set Menu, from the Robot Console Menu. Then take option 1, Maintain Message Sets. From here, take option 1 on an existing set to maintain it, or press F6 to create a new message set.

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