Source Ports

When probing devices, Intermapper uses ports within the IANA's recommended range for ephemeral ports.

Destination Ports

Destination ports depend on what probes are being used and how they are configured. Intermapper listens on these ports:

  • Remote server port: 8181 by default
  • IMDC port: 8182 by default
  • IM Database port: 8183 by default
  • IM Flows ports: 8184, 2055, 6343 by default
  • Web server port: 80 or 443 by default if turned on, but commonly changed
  • Telnet server port: 23 by default if turned on, but commonly changed
  • SNMP trap ports: 162 by default; optionally 161 or some other port as well, depending on configuration.
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