If you created a set-up program for a DAO application using Visual Basic 5.0 or Visual C++ 5.0 and then upgraded to version 6.0 of those products, you receive the following runtime error (3447) when you attempt to run the application on a distributed computer: 
The Jet VBA file (VBAJet.dll for 16-bit versions, or VBAJet32.dll for 32-bit versions) failed to initialize when called. Try reinstalling the applications that returned the error.


Applications like Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual C++ 6.0 install new versions of the DAO and Jet files on your development computer. Any version of VBAJet32.dll or later is now dependent on the file Expsrv.dll. The error occurs with your original set-up program because it does not include Expsrv.dll in the dependency information.
To resolve the error, do one of the following: 
  • Manually add Expsrv.dll to your file list for your existing set-up program. 
  • Re-create a new set-up program from scratch that includes this new dependency.
  • For RJS Software products, copy the EXPSRV.DLL to the WINDOWS\SYSTEM or WINNT\SYSTEM32 directory from FREE\EXPSRV in the RJS Software installation CD.
If you need to reproduce this behavior:
  1. Create a DAO application and redistribution using Visual Basic 5.0 or Visual C++ 5.0. 
  2. Upgrade the computer to version 6.0 and rebuild your setup file. 
  3. Run the version 6.0 setup on a clean computer.

    When you try to run the application, you receive run-time error 3447.

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