When a Robot Schedule job fails and the completion history shows a status of E, selecting L displays the ROBOT job log.

An E status indicates that Robot Schedule was unable to submit the job. Because no job was submitted, there is no job log to be found. Taking option L displays the ROBOT job log as that is where a message will be found indicating why the job failed to be submitted. Putting a 4 on the completion history will display the spool files. Sometimes a job log is created. Go to the bottom of the job log and look for the error. Also check QSYSOPR for the error.

Note: Multiple 'E' entries for the same job may have the same system job number due to the Robot Schedule job being active over a long time period.

Some reasons for a job receiving an E status include:

  • An error in the control options, such as an output queue that no longer exists or an authority issue.

  • In a rare case, the system date format had been changed while Robot Schedule was active. The solution was to end and restart Robot Schedule.

In the GUI, access the job completion history for all jobs by clicking on the icon at the top of the Robot Schedule GUI. Or right-click a job and select “Job Completion History.” On the Error status record in job completion history, right-click the job and select “Display Job.” Then, select “Display Job Spool Files" to see one or more JLOG* spool files. The submit error will be the last entry at the bottom of the file.


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