Before You Begin

These instructions describe how to move Robot Replay from its current IBM i server (the source system) to another IBM i server (the target system).

  • Contact your Regional Sales Manager to obtain your new license code for Robot Replay. You will need this code to use Robot Replay on the target system.

  • Robot Schedule must be installed and configured on the target system with the jobs that are necessary to process your Replay objects.

  • The following items must be identical on both the source and target systems in order for Robot Replay to work correctly:

    • The IBM i levels

    • The PTF cume levels

    • All user profiles that Robot Replay uses

    • Authorities for all of the system objects being used in your Replay objects

    • The descriptions of the devices Robot Replay uses

    • The device types that Robot Replay uses (or the system value QAUTOCFG must be set to ON)


    • All system objects, such as subsystem and job descriptions, must exist with identical attributes.

      Note: Be sure to check the operational attributes and workstation entries on your subsystem descriptions.

    • Any third-party software that Robot Replay executes must be installed and configured identically.

Moving Robot Replay

On the Source System

To move Robot Replay, do the following:

  1. Verify that there are no object locks on your critical libraries by entering the following command:


  2. Back up the RBTRPYLIB library.

On the Target System

To move Robot Replay, do the following:

  1. Restore the RBTRPYLIB library.

  2. Use the following commands to enter your new license code and make Robot Replay active:


    CALL RPY320

    When the Robot Replay License Setup panel displays, enter your new license code and press Enter.

  3. Relearn and test (execute) your Replay objects to ensure that they run correctly.

    Note: Because a Robot Replay setup is extremely system-dependent, it's generally better to relearn your Replay objects on the target system versus moving them from the source system.


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