There is a problem that can occur after Client Access/400 V6R1 edition is installed on a PC using the WebDocs iSeries .Net COM/ActiveX API. 

The WebDocs .Net API can stop working without symptom or warning after a Client Access/400 V6R1 upgrade. This will typically manifest itself in that the user cannot log into the RJS Imaging Scan Workstation ot Office Addins.
We initially thought this was a conflict with Client Access/400 and the WebDocs API, but apparently when the new iSeries .Net Data Provider is installed for the .Net 2.0 framework, the Microsoft .Net 2.0 runtime machine.config file can get corrupted with some extra data. This appears to be caused by a problem with the Client Access/400 V6R1 install process. 


The .Net 2.0 machine.config file was corrupted by the Client Access/400 V6R1 installer. 
In Windows explorer, navigate to the following directory: 
Right-click on the '''machine.config''' file and select to open the file with Windows notepad.
Look for the following section in the XML file. You will notice there is an extra duplicate section of XML data in the file:
Change the '''''' section to look like this and save the '''machine.config''' file and the WebDocs API should start working again because the .Net 2.0 config is back in sync.
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