JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has the ability to secure data on the library, file, column and row level. ShowCase 9 honors this security and can also enforce library list access for the JDE Environment selected by the user, if they want it to. However, there may be times when a customer also wants to apply Showcase security, as a way to supplement JDE security or to keep JD Edwards access less restrictive while still enforcing strict rules for Showcase users. Since E1 profiles are not iSeries profiles, and since Showcase can only apply security to iSeries profiles, is there a way to use both security models simultaneously?


Yes, there is a way to do this, but its usefulness is limited.

JDE E1 users are linked to an iSeries user - this is called the System User. It is common practice for the same System User (iSeries profile) to be used for large groups of E1 profiles (not iSeries profiles).

Showcase security can only be applied to profiles that exist on the iSeries, which excludes E1 profiles. Showcase can, however, honor security on the System User at the same time also honoring JDE security on the E1 profile that is logged in to Showcase.

Since the same System User is generally associated with many E1 profiles, they would need to treat System Users as a form of group. Several System Users could be created, with different groups of JDE users assigned to it. Then, Showcase security is applied to the System User in a way that is needed for all of those E1 users.

Showcase will honor library, table, column and row security on the System User at the same time that JDE security is honored for the E1 profile in this way.

We cannot set Showcase security on individual E1 profiles, unless each E1 profile has a unique System User.

Also keep in mind that since UDC fields are a product of what is commonly referred to as an "associative join" - UDC fields are joined automatically by Showcase from a different file. Since the UDC fields aren't actually in the file where Showcase security is applied, these fields are outside of the control of Showcase security.

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