To enable PDF encryption with FormDocs and WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server, you need to modify the form to enable PDF passwords. You make this modification through VB scripting in each form.
Note: This article does not include information on password protection of form templates or during conversion. For that information, see:
You need to decide on two passwords for each form:
  • Owner Password: An administrative password or God password so that you do not need to remember multiple passwords. This password must be set to enable PDF encryption.
  • User Password: A unique password for a user or customer. This password is not required. If you want to encrypt the PDF without including a password, leave this user password blank.
Scripting the passwords is very simple and requires little to no experience with Visual Basic. To add encryption and, if desired, passwords to PDFs:
  1. Open the FormDocs form template.
  2. From the menu, choose Tools > Forms Automation Basic Editor.

    The VB editor opens.

  3. In Automate this Object, choose Form.
  4. In Program this event, choose Open.
  5. In the main window, insert the following before the line End Sub, substituting in your required owner password:

    ThisForm.PDFOptions.ownerpassword = ""

    Note: Do not worry about text color. The script editor will automatically format the text.

  6. In Program this event, choose BeforePrint.
  7. In the main window, insert one of the following before the line End Sub:
    • To not include a user password:

      ThisForm.PDFOptions.UserPassword = ""

    • To include a user password, substitute in the user password:

      ThisForm.PDFOptions.UserPassword = ""

  8. From the menu, choose File > Check Syntax and verify that the script was parsed successfully:

    Note: If you get an error message, check your code for mistakes or contact RJS Technical Support.

  9. Close FormDocs Forms Automation Basic Editor and save the form.
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