There are many issues that can occur during an FTP connection to the iSeries.  Most of these issues are logged in the log file or joblog of the product that you are using.
Occasionally, however, there are errors that are extremely difficult to track down without viewing the actual communication strings that are being passed over the FTP connection.

How to Debug FTP errors

Where to Start

First and foremost, start with the joblog or log file of the product that you are using.  This will typically provide all the information that you need to resolve the issue.

Viewing the FTP Logs

If that fails, you may need to view the actual FTP communication strings that are being passed.
This step requires that the connection to the FTP Server on the iSeries still be active!
If the FTP connection is still active, the iSeries will have two temporary logs sitting out in the QTEMP library that you can view.


You can use the following commands to view these logs:


Call Fortra Technical Support Staff

If you are still unable to figure out the issue, contact Fortra Technical Support. Phone: 952-933-0609 or email: [email protected]   
We will need to know what product you are using, what command (if any) you are using, and what the error is that you are receiving.

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