MONRNM - Rename System

The MONRNM command is used to change the name of a system that has been monitored using QSystem Monitor. It changes all current and historical references to the system in the database to use the new name. The monitor must not be running when this command is used.

1st parameter - Old Name:

Enter the name of the system to be renamed.

2nd parameter - New Name:

Enter the new name for the specified system. The new name may not already be in use.


IBM i:

  1. End the product from the host for all systems.
  2. Submit the command MONRNM to change the system names on the host system.
  3. Once the MONRNM job has completed, use the MONCFG command and then select option 2 against the host. From the System Data display press F24 to force a configuration resynchronization.
  4. Start QSystem Monitor on the host for all systems.


  1. On any PC running the software, in the QSystem Monitor/Data folder, rename the .msm file to the new system name and delete the old .bak file.
  2. Start the Online Monitor and open the new system file.
  3. Right-click the window and select Document Properties from the context menu.
  4. Select the new system from the drop-down list and click OK to start monitoring.


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