Before You Begin

If 401 unauthorized messages occur, the open database harvest log might indicate that the console node sync cannot communicate to the node and that the token is expired. You can check the console to determine the reason for the error. If the sync is locked and not running properly, you can stop TeamQuest Administration Console, delete certain files, restart TeamQuest Administration Console, and check the sync_daemon.


  1. Stop TeamQuest Administration Console using the following command: 
    TQDIR/console/scripts/ stop
  2. Delete the following files:


  3. Restart TeamQuest Administration Console using the following command:
    TQDIR/console/scripts/ start
  4. Run the following command and make sure that sync_daemon is running:
    ps -ef |grep console

When the synchronization process runs at its scheduled time (at the top of the hour), it should send the necessary harvest tokens to the harvester and the database data is being harvested from. The updated harvest tokens should resolve the 401 Unauthorized Error when the harvest runs.

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