When you scan documents and save them as text-searchable PDFs, during check-in you get the error:
ERROR: 10000 Error occurred while saving image to PDF file Trace point: 1000 1/13/2006 10:42:00 AM


There are four possible solutions to this issue:
  1. You have downloaded everything, installed ScanSoft, and registered all the OCX controls on a network. As long as you are connected (signed on) to that network server, everything works. However, every time you reboot you will get this error because the connection to that server does not automatically re-establish. Either re-establish the connection to the server each time you reboot or install ScanSoft SDK locally.
  2. You tried to update from one version of Imaging Scan Workstation to a later version with a different base installation, but you only uploaded the update zip file. This file does not include some of the DLLs for the new base installation. Install the current base version and then upgrade to the newest version.
  3. If the report is around 158 pages and has a lot of text, there is a timeout value that could cause the above error.
    • Look in the SYSTEM32 folder to see if you have BT2P.DLL.
    • Make sure Enable full page OCR support is enabled.
  4. The RJSTEMPIMAGE.TIF may have gotten corrupted. Delete the temporary file RJSTEMPIMAGE.TIF.
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