Message files can be removed using the Robot Console Explorer (the GUI), from a command line, or from the Robot Console menu.

GUI Method

  1. Open the Robot Console Explorer on a PC.

  2. Connect to the system you want.

  3. Under the system in the Tree View on the left, expand Message Sets.

  4. Click Message Files.

  5. Locate the message file to remove in the list on the right. Right-click it and select Delete.

  6. Click Yes when asked to confirm the deletion.

Command Line Method

  1. On the IBM i, type the command RBTCONLIB/RBCCLRMFD on a command line and press function key F4.

  2. Enter the name of the message file and the name of the library where it resides.

  3. Press Enter.

Menu Method

  1. On the IBM i, go to the Robot Console Main Menu and select option 2, Message Set Menu.

  2. From the Message Set Menu, select option 2, Test Message Sets.

  3. On the Test Message Sets panel, enter option 4 next to the message to delete and press Enter.


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