If you are having problems using the RJS Software FTP library installation process, you need to:
  1. Use Operations Navigator to copy the RJS library file C:\PCSINST\PCSINST.LIB to the IFS.
  2. Use the CPYFRMSTMF command to manually copy the data from the IFS into save file PCSINST/PCSINSTSVF.
  3. Use the RSTLIB command to manually restore the library. 
Alternatively, you can burn the file to CD, put it in the iSeries CD drive, and determine the IFS path name from the CD drive path. The path to the CD Drive is:
To use CPYFRMSTMF to restore an RJS Software library manually from the IFS:
  1. Follow the instructions you receive from RJS Software to download the installation file and unzip the library file to C:\PCSINST.
  2. When the installer opens, close it right away. You won't be using this program to install the library.
  3. On the iSeries, create the library PCSINST:


  4. Create the temporary save file PCSINSTSVF:


  5. Try to create the /RJSTEMP folder to make sure it exists:


    Note: It's fine if the /RJSTEMP folder already exists.

  6. In Windows Explorer, copy C:\PCSINST\PCSINST.LIB and then use the Operations Navigator:
    1. In the settings to the left, expand File Systems > Integrated File System > Root > RJSTEMP.
    2. Right-click RJSTEMP.
    3. Choose Paste.

      Note: If you have saved PCSINST.LIB on CD, insert the CD into the iSeries CD drive instead.

      Note: If you have Windows iSeries file shares set up and know how to use them, you can manually copy C:\PCSINST\PCSINST.LIB directly to the /RJSTEMP IFS folder. All you need to do is place PCSINST.LIB in the IFS folder /RJSTEMP; the method doesn't matter.

  7. Copy the installation library into the save file in library PCSINST:
    • From the IFS, use:


    • From a CD, use:


  8. Display save file to determine the actual library name to restore. The following command displays the library name at the top of the screen:

    DSPSAVF FILE(PCSINST/PCSINSTSVF)                      

  9. Restore the library, replacing RJSxxx with the real library name from the previous step:


    The library is now on the iSeries.  

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