The RSC4071 error message does not necessarily indicate that there is a problem : 
At the end of the process of installing a Showcase server library or when performing an ADDSCTCP command, there will be an automatic attempt to start the Showcase server job. 

This is done by submitting a separate job to job queue SCTCP in the server library. This job is submitted from the interactive job of the user who is either doing the installation, executing the ADDSCTCP command or executing the STRSCSVR command. When the job is submitted, a two minute timer is set in the interactive job to wait for a completion message from the submitted job. 

If this message is not returned within the time limit you will see the RSC4071 message that states, "Showcase server failed to become active within the allocated time. 

NOTE: Server may have started." Even though you may see this message, the job that was submitted to start the server may still be executing. This is why there is a note to say that the server may have started.

This can often be the case when a library is first installed or when starting it the first time after a patch is applied. To know for sure whether it has started or not issue a WRKACTJOB command to see if there is a job listed that has the same name as the Showcase server library. If so then there is no problem. It simply took longer than two minutes for the job to start. However, if there is no such job in the list of active jobs then there may be a problem. 

To troubleshoot problems where the server job is not starting, you should first get the joblog of the job that was submitted to start the server. In most cases, the reason for the failure to start will be found within the messages of this joblog. If there is no server job active then you can issue a DSPJOBLOG jobnumber/QUSER/SCSERVER OUTPUT(*PRINT) where SCSERVER is the jobname This will put the joblog into a spool file and you can issue a WRKSPLF to find it. You can either review this log yourself to find the problem or you can send this spool file to Support and they will go through it.

If you find the SCSERVER job is not active and you need to send the joblog to support , please transfer it to your PC as a text file. Also, please include the following information:

  1. The version of OS/400 on the iSeries 
  2. The current level of the Java group PTF. 
  3. The current level of the database group PTF.
  4. The current cumulative PTF package level. 
  5. The user profile of the person that installed the library. If it was not QSECOFR then indicate what special authorities assigned to this user.

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IBM Ref#: 1477338

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