You get:
ActiveX Error 429


iSeries Data Access Provider or an ASP/VB Script

Make sure Client Access/400 or iSeries Access software is installed on the PC and the ASP400.DLL library file is registered via REGSVR32.
Sample DOS command line to register ASP400.DLL:

WinSpool/400 Lotus Notes Report Server or WinSpool/400 Email Report Server

ActiveX Error 429 occurs when WinSpool/400 Lotus Notes Report Server sends a report to a newly installed version of Lotus Notes.
  1. Reinstall:
    • Lotus Notes.
    • WinSpool/400 Lotus Notes Report Server.
    • WinSpool/400 Email Report Server.
  2. Make sure that all applications register with Windows correctly.

WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server

ActiveX Error 429 occurs when using the PDF Encryption in the WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server. Download and install the RJS Secure PDF API Update from the RJS Software website.

WinSpool/400 Report Download

Was the computer rebooted after installing the [[Visual Basic 5.0 Runtime Files Install|Visual Basic Runtime Files]]? If not, do so and see if the error continues. If it continues, reinstall [[WinSpool/400 Report Download Install|WinSpool/400 Report Download]] so that the OCX/DLL controls are properly installed. Usually only affects WinSpool 98 on Windows NT.

All WinSpool Converters: DataImport, HTML, PDF or RTF

Re-register or re-install the appropriate converter.
Registering occurs by clicking on Start > Run on the target PC and running /RegServer. For example: C:\Program Files\WSPHTML\WSPHTML.EXE /RegServer

Imaging Scan Workstation

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