You can export and import Robot Schedule jobs using two different methods.

If you use the Robot Schedule GUI:

To export a job, use the Export to XML feature that's available when right clicking on the job under Export. This places an XML file on the PC.

To import a job, select the Import icon at the top of the GUI window when connected to the target system.

If you use Robot Schedule on the IBM i:

To export a job, go to the Job Schedule List and use the following export codes in the Opt field:

  • E - Export a single job.

  • EG - Export a group control job and its member jobs only.

  • EA - Export ALL jobs that have the same application name specified as the selected job. If there is a group control job with this application name, the group control job and its member jobs will be exported. However, the remote system will import the members as individual jobs rather than attached to the group.

The setup for the exported jobs resides in the RBTMRGLIB library. Save that library from the source system and restore it to the target system.

To import a job on the target system, run the RBTMRG command and prompt it for the parameters. Specify *IMPORT for the Export/Import Records parameter.


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