Online Monitor

This topic shows how to create a bar to monitor for the status of a Queue Manager, starting from a system view.

From the main window, right-click and select the Properties for xxx Group from the context menu (where xxx is the name of the group you have created to contain the MQSeries status checks). The following window is displayed:

Select the Data Selection option from the list.

Element Definition

This is achieved by creating or using an existing definition.

If one does not exist in the Available items window, click Add to create one. The following window is displayed. Use the Data Type drop-down list and select the MQ Queue Manager Status definition:

Right-click the *DFT parameter to provide a context menu of options from your system. Select the desired entry, then click OK.

Note the new option at the bottom of the Selected Items list on the right.

Click OK again to return to the monitor.

A new column has been added to the group providing the status of the Queue Manager.

Hover your mouse over the item for details.

MQSeries Elements Available

Some monitor types require monitoring to be enabled for the queue or channel being monitored. If monitoring is not enabled, MSM displays the message, "MQSeries API reports Not Available".

Monitoring can be enabled at the queue manager level, or by individual queue/channel, by using the CHGMQMQ command to set parameter MONQ to the level of monitoring required. *LOW appears to be sufficient for most cases; the level of monitoring affects the frequency of updates to the internal counters in MQS.

Channel Listener Status
Channel Status Status
  Number in doubt
Channel Performance Batch size
  Compression ratio
  Compression time
  Exit program processing time
  Message count
  Time on transmit queue
  Bytes sent
  Bytes received
  Batch count
Queue Current depth
  Depth as % of maximum
  Open for input count
  Open for output count
  Depth as % of trigger depth
  Age of oldest message on queue
  Average queue time
  Uncommitted message count
Queue Manager Channel initiator status
  Command server status
  Connection count
Ping remote channel Availability
Ping remote queue manager Availability


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