After following the Showcase 9 server install instructions the initial install welcome screen is displayed. Upon pressing Enter the license agreement screen should display. Instead, the install process ends and returns the user to a command line. There's no obvious explanation or error message.

The following is known:

  • All required Licensed Programs including java, and all PTFs are applied.
  • Multiple attempts were made with different profiles, including QSECOFR.
  • It is verified that the ISO image is valid and install steps were followed exactly.
  • The job log shows the following message at the point of failure:
CPD377A Object not restored, /tmp/SCLIC1313902556000.
Cause . . . . . : *DIR /tmp/SCLIC1313902556000 cannot be restored to a file system other than the file system from which it was saved.


It was discovered that the customer had a User Defined File System (*UDFS) mount over the ‘/tmp’ directory. This causes our Java license agreement screen to fail. The install was run again after unmounting the UDFS.

In some cases, an unmount may fail due to unknown or unforeseen objects in use. Consult with IBM to complete the unmount process. The unmount MUST be completed successfully before the Showcase server install process.

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