To send a single report to multiple destination directories:
Note: These instructions only work for WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server version 2.0.48 and above.
  1. In WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server, click File > Settings.
  2. Change Settings Database to C:\WSPBCH32\WSPBCH3B.MDB. The WSPBCH3B.MDB settings database allows a report file to be sent to multiple destination directories or Lotus Notes databases. If the user has existing settings, they need to be re-keyed.
  3. Enable Allow Multiple Destinations for Each Report.
  4. Enable Use Extended Report Select. Output Directory List entries are ignored if Allow Multiple Destinations for Each Report is enabled but Use Extended Report Select is disabled.

    Warning: Be careful when specifying Extended Report Select criteria entries that send a report to multiple destination directories. With multiple destination directories, it is easier to make mistakes in the Extended Report Select criteria and accidentally send a report to the wrong directory.

  5. If you are sending a report to the same destination directory, you must use a different report prefix to avoid inadvertently overlaying report files because of duplicate file names.
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