This article explains how to use TrueType fonts in your form design. This example uses the Reform MICR Font File, Reformck.ttf.

Copying the font file

For iSeries deployment:
  1. Copy the true type font file to the /RJSFORMS folder on the iSeries.

    For example: Use the following syntax for a UNC path:


    Store all true type fonts your forms use in the /RJSFORMS folder. The SPLIFORM and RUNIFORM commands will automatically find any true type fonts in this location. 

For iReport designer PC deployment:
  1. Make sure the iReport Form Designer is not running.
  2. Open the Control Panel and, in the Fonts folder, save a copy of the file Reformck.ttf.
  3. In the folder C:\program files\JasperSoft\iReport-2.0.0\fonts, save a copy of the file Reformck.ttf file. This lets iReport find the font for embedding. 
  4. Restart iReport.

    The new true type font now displays in the font-selection list. 

Setting an iForms report or form to use a true type font

  1. Open or start a new .jrxml form file.
  2. Add or modify a field and open Properties
  3. In the Font tab:
    1. In Font Name, choose MICR Fabsoft Reform Check Font
    2. In PDF Font Name, choose MICR Fabsoft Reform Check Font (Reformck.ttf)
    3. Check PDF Embedded.
  4. Save the form design.

    Now when this form is run from the iSeries, the true type font is embedded in the PDF.

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